Turkey Real Estate

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It is Possible to Buy Real Estate with One Click and Safely with Crypto Money

Turkey's leading brand in real estate sales to international investors Antalya Homes, the world's leading crypto-currency payment solutions platform went on to join forces with Utrust. In this way, Antalya Homes paved the way for more than 50 million digital currency users worldwide to buy real estate securely by paying with all digital currencies, especially Bitcoin,  and Ripple, with the ease of...


Tips for Those Who Want to Invest in Turkey Real Estate

Investment in  Commercial property in Turkey, is the most capital gain in real estate sector. Commercial real estates such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and offices always gain profit in terms of rental income and because their value will increase over time. Such real estates are purchased at affordable prices based on the square meter of the property. . Investors earn high profits by renting...


What is the future of property investment in Turkey?

Over the next five years, it is guaranteed the continuation of this real estate boom, because there is no change to the Turkish government over the next four years and the decision is a political will to maintain its investment property in Turkey. 2 - The property claim is an internal demand, not just an external or emergency situation. More than 1,200,000 2200,000 sold the apartment and the...

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