10 Tiny and Time Saving Decluttering Projects to organize your home

Keep reading to find out how you can split the ultimate cleaning goal into the short task of decluttering projects that will take 15 minutes or less

Do you feel stuck and coped up with the stuff accumulating around you? Do you want your neat and organized space for yourself? Are you stuck and don’t know where to start? Relax and breathe; we have got it all covered with decluttering projects!

Decluttering your house is an overwhelming task. It is mostly because we tend to overanalyze and take into account the whole house’s mess. Consequently, it becomes a massive job and a very hard decluttering project to tackle. To save you from the misery of fall into the dark abyss of organizing the entire house, we bring you a list of tasks and hacks that can work.

Keep reading to find out how you can split the ultimate cleaning goal into the short task of decluttering projects that will take 15 minutes or less.

The crucial thing to remember is always to start small. Take up a less tiring and less time taking the task, and then move through them little by little. It is a perfect time-saving option if you have a busy schedule or a 9-5 job.

Let’s the decluttering game begin!

Start with the spice!

If you love experimenting with new cuisines and buy oriental spices and condiments for your dish, then your spice cabinet is a clutter zone. Reorganizing your spices will give you clarity on what is missing and what has expired and needs replacement. You can start by clearing the whole cabinet and cleaning it. Next, you can throw out the expired condiments.

Another thing that would help is labelling each bottle so you know what is on the inside. For a change of space, you can also relocate your spice to a drawer or to a place that is more accessible while cooking. Lastly, you can treat yourself with cinnamon rolls you made from recently discovered cinnamon powder lost in the spice cabinet. Voila! One fast decluttering mission accomplished!


Here are some 10 tiny decluttering projects for different parts of your house that will pay off big time.

Miscellaneous ambiguous drawer

how to declutter your kitchen
There is always a drawer in everyone’s home filled with all kinds of stuff, yet it does not belong to anyone. It’s a no man’s land, no one goes there, and no one wants to claim it. Mysteriously it still fills up to the brim with God knows what items. Take ownership of that drawer as a part of your declutter mission.Throw out the unnecessary papers and pamphlets. Separate any item that you might need. Rearrange and organize the useful stuff in it. On the contrary, you can make an entirely different approach. Reclaim the ownership of the drawer and make it your own. Mark the territory by adding the stuff that belongs to you. For the added effect, put a lock on it.

Make space for new toiletries 

Who does not love spoiling yourself with the new range of skincare products and bath bombs? First, you will need to make the space for the new ones. In case your toiletries are spread all over bathroom shelves and dressing table, bring them to one place only. Keep only the bath related items in there, and the rest should be on the dressing table.

Throw out the empty bottles of used perfumes and sprays. Organize by the purpose and keep hair rejuvenating items on one side and aftershaves and roll on the other. Don’t forget to clean the counter while you are at it and clean all the bottles while arranging them. Tada! You can now order new products, and you will have all the space you need to keep them.

Clean out the pantry 

decluttering tips for your desk
Another project that should be on your list is the pantry. It is a zone that is most prone to the accumulation of expired packaged items and old cookware. Take a deep breath and begin! It is not as tough as it looks. Also, it will take fifteen minutes max! It needs to be done because it is one of the decluttering projects that make a big impact.Clean out space and make it a seamless and dust-free zone. Up next, you can sort out the items and throw out the expired ones. You can then make the list of things that are missing from the pantry that you will need. The next step would be to make space for all the fresh items like fruits and vegetables. You can also rearrange the cookware and other kitchenware.

Give attention to your wardrobe 

decluttering and organising your sock drawer
We have all been guilty of not having anything to wear with a filled closet. One place of decluttering can be your closet. Before you begin, get a box where you can put the clothes you don’t wear anymore. If you don’t want to do the whole closet, or it is too far gone and will take more than fifteen minutes, you can start in chunks.For instance, move cabinet by cabinet or do than hanging side first and then go to the folded clothes. Keep the sock and innerwear drawer for another time as you move through the cabinets. Throw away the worn-out clothes and the piece that you no longer wear. Set aside the wearable apparels, but you don’t want them anymore, and put them in the donation box.

Tupperware cleanse 

tips to declutter your bathroom
Bento boxes, tiffin boxes, and Tupperware are the most bought item of any household, and they are never enough. You can start by sort out the old and new ones. If there is any gunk build-up or discolouration, it is time to throw away that box. Next, you can declutter the cabinet by pairing the lids and the containers.If your cabinet has a fair amount of headspace, then arrange them in neat stacks. It will save the room, and you will be able to utilize the cabinet to the fullest. Deep clean the inside of the cabinet with lukewarm water and soap and remove the gunk in crevices built up over time. If you want thorough cleansing, you can remove all the Tupperware and wash them before putting them back.

The mysterious stuff in your fridge door 

The fridge door tells another story of accumulated items and uncategorized stuff. Eye drops, topical creams, and sauces are all there. It is effortless to reorganize, and you will get a more exact image of what is missing what you have. Begin with emptying out the whole space and thoroughly cleaning it with soap. Wipe away any remains with clean water.

Now begin the sorting of the products in there. Throw away expire jams and jellies. Give each item a place so it never goes missing. Before you put any of the jars back, clean their tops and bottoms. If the containers are airtight, you can wash them under running water. Replace any old boxes.

Change the look of your workspace

declutter magazines and newspapers
The study table or your workspace is the place you exist when you are not in bed. It should be treated as a temple. Especially in the COVID days, most of us are working from home or taking online classes. Thus, the need for time is to have a nice organized space that lifts up the moods and make your job stress free.Stack up all the books and keep them organized in the corner. If you lack a book rack, then get it as it will help manage the space. Upgrade with the file covers and penholders, keep them neatly organized. You can always add funky colours through sticky notes and colourful highlighter. If you are a nature lover, then buy a baby plant for the tabletop.

The black hole of your side table 

Do you keep all your stuff on the side table? Your night serums, water bottles, electronic devices are all there? Well, that is another place that needs reorganization. If you tend to eat breakfast in bed, then your side table might also have some long-forgotten dishes that never made their way back to the kitchen.

Firstly, you can start by taking the dishes back to the kitchen. Throw away any plastic bottles that have been on the side table. You can replace them with a jug or a reusable BPA-free bottle. It is healthier and helps you with the organization. Next, you can put away all the skincare on the dressing table or in the side table’s drawer.

Rid the drabness of your shoe rack 

The last chore where you can start the process of decluttering projects is rearranging the shoe rack. If you have been too lazy to put back the winter boots and they have stayed there all summer, now is the time. Take out the shoes that you don’t wear anymore and donate them to the underprivileged.

Stack up the shoes that you don’t wear anymore. Clean up the shoes and put them back in the closet. Take out the summer sandals and neatly arrange them on the rack. Don’t forget to clean the rack shelves before restocking them with summer boot. You are now all ready to welcome summers.

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