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1.DUBAI  is one of the most beautiful cities in the world is a golden and safe opportunity for investors. During the year 2020, foreign direct investment flows to the Emirate of Dubai recorded a record jump, and thus ranked first in the world in the best-performing cities index, and sixth in the index of cities most attracting capital flows Foreign direct investment funds over the past year

2. Investing in stocks and bonds is an excellent opportunity if it is done with the necessary advice and with deliberate steps

3. Investing in opening a commercial activity and exploiting the fertile environment that was prepared to receive businessmen from all over the world

Why Dubai?

Dubai ranked first in the Financial Times’s Best Foreign Direct Investment Performance Report for the year 2020, which confirmed Dubai’s superiority over London, Paris, Dublin and Singapore, as it appeared in all reports of the global rankings of the best investment sites issued in 2020 on the “FDI Markets” index. , Which monitors the data of capital flows and new foreign direct investment projects around the world, and reports of the “FDI” index, which determines the best foreign direct investment sites in the world through reference comparisons.

From this standpoint, all eyes are directed to the UAE, which is the ideal country to achieve your investment dream and establish your company, and our mission here is to obtain your commercial license within a few days.

The period required in order to obtain a business license in the United Arab Emirates is related to the type of activities that you want to practice in addition to the legal form of the company. Its purpose is to make Dubai the ideal destination for doing business and establishing companies. Firstly, a free trade zone is an area that enjoys a special status. A tax-free area with low trade barriers where goods can be manufactured, imported, exported, traded or reconfigured without paying any customs fees!

Free trade zones are generally located in strategic geographic locations such as international airports, national borders and major sea ports in order to maximize commercial advantages.

There are about 30 free zones located throughout the Emirates and attracted foreign direct investment in the form of massive companies that contribute to the growth of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates, each of which is designed for a specific commercial activity and free trade zones provide very profitable facilities for non-resident companies such as ownership 100% lack of bureaucratic red tape and the convenience of single window management.

As for investment in Dubai, during the year 2020, foreign direct investment flows to the emirate of Dubai recorded a record jump, and thus ranked first in the world in the best-performing cities index, and sixth in the cities that attracted the most direct foreign investment capital inflows during the past year.

The free zones are subject to special laws for themselves and for foreign investors, which guarantee the rights of all parties and regulate the investment process.

The record results achieved by Dubai strengthened its position as a major pivot in the global economy and also its position in the classification of capital flows for new investment projects. Dubai also succeeded in attracting 523 foreign direct investment projects in 2020 with a growth of 43% compared to 2019.

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