It is Possible to Buy Real Estate with One Click and Safely with Crypto Money

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Turkey’s leading brand in real estate sales to international investors Antalya Homes, the world’s leading crypto-currency payment solutions platform went on to join forces with Utrust. In this way, Antalya Homes paved the way for more than 50 million digital currency users worldwide to buy real estate securely by paying with all digital currencies, especially Bitcoin,  and Ripple, with the ease of credit cards, without being affected by fluctuating exchange rates.

As in the world, Turkey also made purchases and sales of real estate is no longer seen as a crypto-currency investment vehicle. However, the problem of trust and the fluctuating crypto currency rate is the biggest obstacle to the growth of transaction volume. Single Overseas Property AŞ prominent brand of the leading companies in the real estate sales to international investors in Turkey Antalya Homes, Europe’s leading crypto payment solution platform to eliminate these barriers went to join forces with Utrust.

Thanks to this strong cooperation, the company, which allows reliable real estate purchase and sale with all digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, allows its customers to make payments without being caught in the daily crypto currency exchange limit and without being affected by instantly fluctuating crypto currency rates such as the stock market. With this method, users can also transfer money with the convenience of just reading a data matrix.

An Important Move In The PropTech Space

Reminding that $ 400 billion in international real estate investment market in the world only Overseas Property Inc. Chairman Bayram Tekin, he remembered last year that Turkey international investors sold 45 thousand on real estate of $ 6 billion, exceeding the revenue obtained. This market is more emphasis on the importance of Turkey’s application proptech able to take a single share, the following innovations in this regard, he underlined that they try to succeed in the first.

Reminding that they have been selling with crypto money in the real estate sector since 2018, Tekçe also stated that international investors who make their real estate investments remotely prefer to pay with crypto money, especially as a result of the restriction of travel with the pandemic. Tekçe continued his speech as follows:

“We reflect our innovative power in all areas of our business and continue to be a pioneer in the PropTech field. Our collaboration with Utrust is a step towards this goal. “

Buy and Sell Real Estate Increases With Crypto Money

International money transfers to distressed that Russia, China, is a real estate investment appetite of many countries such as Iran and Turkey in the field of real estate in this country, said the number of investors increased day by day Tekçe,

“In addition, the Bitcoin halving in May increased the demand for real estate purchase with crypto money in America and European countries with intensive technology use. We offer a reliable partnership with a strong trading opportunities in the area in cooperation with proptech and fintech Utrust “

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