What is the future of property investment in Turkey?


Over the next five years, it is guaranteed the continuation of this real estate boom, because there is no change to the Turkish government over the next four years and the decision is a political will to maintain its investment property in Turkey.

2 – The property claim is an internal demand, not just an external or emergency situation.

More than 1,200,000 2200,000 sold the apartment and the apartment was foreign, which accounts for 5% of Turkey’s market, because there is a real estate market that rely on foreign investment in Turkey.

3-lives are often in turmoil in their country of foreign investors and will soon see the solution and the presence of the plant by the people who will receive permanent residence in Turkey

Does investing in Turkey is successful and long-term investment?

Public opinion in Turkey is not a result of the investment, the government’s ten-year plan and economic plan “Government is a party” is the order.

Turkey, 16th in the world in terms of economy, and ranks sixth in Europe.

Real estate investment is one of the most successful and safest types of investment for several reasons:

Since other investments require expertise such as education, medicine and others that require expertise and in-depth expertise, they are therefore open to everyone and have easy tools.

2 – Real estate investment is the fastest growing and the most profitable and least risky in terms of loss in the world.

3 – It is possible to invest in Turkey, 60 thousand dollars as possible. able to make real estate investments in Turkey.

4 – real estate investments in Turkey, it is obvious that it was away from the user.

What are the current factors to attract Arab investment in Turkey?

The volume of investments is growing significantly

1. Due to its geographical location and proximity to Arab countries.

2. The positive attitude of the Turkish government in the Middle East provides reassurance.

3 – big tourism occurring in Turkey, especially in the Arab, Islamic countries and relatives.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia in real estate prices, in addition to increasing the real estate market, due to high compared to prices in Turkey are located in top positions in the ranking of real estate investment in Turkey.

Real estate investment options in Turkey

investment options of real estate in Turkey, will be a huge demand for the witness to buy life or a project on a property is in a strategic area under construction and then project varies for being able to sell at a higher price.

Land with the possibility to build a residential complex at strategic points or later that can be included in city planning plans, and then sold many times later.

Real estate development is buying an old property, then renovating and improving it and selling it for a higher price.

Buy and rent a ready-made apartment in a project and get your monthly returns on a regular basis

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