20 Reversible Home Design Ideas to Instantly Revamp Your Space

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Transforming your home’s look and feel doesn’t require a complete remodel or a shopping spree for all new furnishings. There are many inexpensive and reversible ways to spruce up your space to make it feel more like home. Simple things like trendy removable wallpaper or temporary statement flooring can make all the difference. So whether you need renter-friendly decorating ideas for your home in Portland, OR, or you’re looking for a quick refresh to your condo in Austin, TX, here are 20 home design ideas to revamp and freshen up your living space – all without leaving a mark.

1) Use removable wallpaper to transform a blank wall

Removable wallpaper is a great way to incorporate color or pattern into any room. With its quick (and damage-free) installation, you can easily give a blank wall in your home a temporary makeover by creating an accent wall with a bold print or color.

2) Bring your home design ideas to life with house plants

Bring the outdoors in by adding some greenery. Incorporating low-maintenance indoor house plants into your home design, such as spider or bamboo plants, can easily brighten up a space.

3) Transform your kitchen with peel and stick backsplash

You don’t need to undergo a kitchen renovation to revamp the space or achieve that trendy subway tile look. Peel and stick backsplashes mimic the look of tile and are extremely easy to install, plus you won’t have to worry about the mortar, grout, or any of the mess that is required when using traditional products.

4) Replace kitchen and bathroom hardware

The best home updates are often in the smallest details. Replacing the existing hardware on your cabinet doors and drawers with sleek pulls or knobs can have a significant impact on a room’s overall look. For a modern touch to your home design, simple brass pulls or knobs can be used to add some shine to wooden cabinets. Hardware can also be easily adapted to any color palette or home style.

5) Make a statement with temporary flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most valuable home design trends to include in your space. If you’re not ready to commit, interlocking laminate planks are an affordable way to cover up unsightly flooring or test out the trend to see if it’s for you. These planks don’t require nails or adhesives and can be installed over your existing flooring by simply snapping and locking them together. If sleek gray floors or even a trendy pattern have been on your home design ideas list, this is an easy way to achieve a new look without the commitment or hassle of redoing your flooring.

6) New draperies

Are your window treatments outdated, or are you just bored of the same curtains hanging on your windows? Swapping out old curtains or blinds for new ones is a simple home design idea to give any space a facelift. New curtains can instantly tie a room together, or you can change the look and feel of any space by playing with different color palettes and textures.

7) Brighten up your space with new lighting

Good lighting is integral to creating a warm and inviting space. But if your home lacks natural light or you live in a city like Seattle, WA, where it tends to be cloudy most of the year, consider adding additional lighting. It could be as simple as a decorative floor lamp with a lighter lampshade or recessed lighting to diffuse light throughout the room.

8) Use contact paper to completely transform a surface

In the mood for an at-home DIY project but not ready for a permanent change? Contact paper is a great way to experiment with different home design ideas, such as bold colors or patterns. You can use it to cover up roughed-up surfaces, like an old coffee table, or you can even give your kitchen countertop a luxe makeover with marble contact paper. The best part is if you decide a few months from now that you no longer like the look – it’s totally reversible.

9) Showcase your personality with a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a fun and easy way to revamp your space while adding architectural details to your home design. Create a nonpermanent gallery wall by collecting your photos and favorite prints and grouping them into several frames. You can use Washi Tape or Command strips to easily remove or rearrange your pieces without the hassle of using a drill and screws.

10) Install floating shelves

Floating shelves can reduce the look of clutter and are perfect for small nooks in your home. You can use floating shelves to display small decor items in your living room or even as extra storage space for bathroom linens.

11) Refresh your bedding

Your bedroom is a spot to unwind after a long day, and if your bedding is uncomfortable or just outdated, it can affect your mood and even your quality of sleep. Refreshing your bedding and adding in some decorative throw pillows is an easy way to revamp your room’s look without any major updates. To create a stress-free sleeping environment, use cool tones such as blues or greens in your bedding.

12) Use a large mirror for a bright and airy atmosphere

Not only do mirrors help reflect more light into a room, but they can also add the illusion of a larger space. Instead of mounting a heavy mirror to your wall, lean a full-length standing mirror against the wall to add a “wow” factor to any room and double up your light sources at the same time.

13) Accessorize with throw pillows

Accessorizing with throw pillows is another easy home design idea to let your personality shine. Throw pillows are a great way to experiment with new color palettes or add pops of color throughout your space. When arranging your pillows, keep in mind that odd numbers work best to achieve a modern look while even numbers create a traditional, balanced look.

14) Incorporate rugs into your home design

Use area rugs to connect the different spaces in your home. Placing rugs with similar styles, colors, or patterns in connecting spaces can create a visual connection between two rooms, making each room flow seamlessly from one to the next. So, if your space is feeling empty or dull, an area rug can be a great piece to tie together your home design ideas.

15) Decorate with Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a versatile home design idea to create instant wall art. Use it to introduce patterns into your home design by creating a nonpermanent accent wall with geometric shapes.

16) Update your home design by rearranging your furniture

Breathe new life into your space by rearranging your furniture. This is one of the simplest and impactful reversible home design ideas with endless arrangements. For a cozier feel, place your furniture closer together or spaced out to create an airy feel.

17) Swap out light switch plates

Not only is a cracked light switch plate unsightly, they can also be potential fire hazards. Swap out cracked or broken wall plates to black or brass ones to give a room a modern look.

18) Give vent covers a makeover

Take your old vent covers to the next-level by freshening them up with a coat of black paint or metallic spray paint. Not only will this revamp your space instantly, it’s also a quick and easy project no matter how many times you redecorate your home.

19) Replace your bathroom showerhead

Swapping out your shower head for one with better water pressure can create a more pleasant and spa-like experience. It’s also a reversible and inexpensive way to make your bathroom look more luxurious.

20) Minimize the mess

A messy, cluttered home makes a space feel smaller and less relaxing. Keep your living space organized by creating an action plan of home design ideas and projects you want to tackle. That way, you can make small intentional changes each day with your goal as a motivating guide.

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