How to Deep Clean Your Home After a Household Illness

Deep Clean

In today’s world when viral infections are becoming increasingly common, you need to be extra careful when it comes to household cleaning. In fact, if you or one of your family members have recently recovered from illness, make sure to get rid of all the viral germs and other airborne allergens as soon as possible by deep cleaning and properly sanitizing your living space. Wondering how? We are here to help. In this post, we are going to talk about some easy but very effective tips to deep clean your house after a sickness.

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Starting from the kitchen, all the way to bedrooms and bathrooms, you need to get prepared for a thorough household cleaning task once the symptoms of your illness start to alleviate. So, let’s list down and discuss some of the most useful ways to disinfect your house after being sick.

  • Start With Cleaning All The Household Surfaces
  • Wipe All the Household Accessories
  • Try Using Disposable Dishes
  • Take Care of the Trash
  • Let Fresh Air In


To effectively get started with household cleaning after an illness, the first thing you need to do is to wipe and disinfect all the surfaces around your living space. Different surfaces need different cleaning treatments. For example, if you’re cleaning ceramic tiles, you may need to apply an all-purpose cleaner with the help of a soft cloth to clean the dirt from such surfaces. Similarly, for furniture and fixtures that are made of wood, you can simply use a cloth soaked in water to wipe surfaces.

Toilet seats should also be carefully cleaned. They also act as breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause different types of viruses if not disinfected and sanitized the right way. To learn about some other useful bathroom cleaning tips, read this blog.

Don’t forget to use a disinfectant spray to finish up with the cleaning job as germs can live on certain types of surfaces for more than 24 hours. To learn more tips on how to clean different household surfaces, read this blog.

Pro Tip: We often ignore cleaning household surfaces that are beyond our reach. Dust and different types of airborne contaminants can sit on such surfaces for months. This could greatly impact our indoor air quality. If you also face a similar problem in your home, here are some very useful and easy-to-follow tips for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces.


Wipe All the Household Accessories
Make sure you also wipe clean all the accessories around the house

Once you’re done cleaning the surfaces around your home, the next important step is to wipe all the household accessories that you may have touched or use during the household sickness. These accessories may include doorknobs, candle holders, remote controls of your electronic appliances, decorative vases, throw pillows, storage boxes, small plastic bins, and a variety of other items lying around your living space.

Also, don’t forget about toys. They are considered germ magnets. So, try to use a good disinfectant spray to wipe all the toys in your home and only hand them over to your children once they are properly sanitized. On a side note, you may also like reading about some creative storage ideas for your kids’ toys.


While working on tips for cleaning and sanitizing your house after being sick, switch to using disposable dishes. It will greatly reduce the hazards of the infection becoming viral in your home again. From cutlery to different types of plates and bowls, you can easily find different types of disposable kitchenware in a departmental store near you.

Moreover, make sure you wash all your cookware accessories and other related kitchen utensils properly every time you use them. The cabinet where you are storing them should also be completely cleaned and disinfected. Keep antibacterial wipes with you all the time when you are working in the kitchen. Here’s how to make your own cleaning and disinfecting wipes at home.

Pro Tip: Make the best possible efforts to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen. To help you out in this regard, we have also compiled a list of some very useful kitchen cleaning tips.


The hygiene of your living space greatly depends on how you manage solid waste. Stow away all your trash at a place away from the common areas in your home and try to use covered waste bins. Be very careful when handling the trash of the person who had been sick for a long time.

Wear gloves and mask when carrying and disposing of the garbage. Don’t get trash piled up in your home, it can easily get your indoor environment contaminated. Always remember to store the garbage in a sealed container and dispose it of properly. Here are some more useful solid waste management tips for your home.


work on ways to ventilate your home
Let the fresh air in by improving the airflow in your home

Increasing amounts of air pollutants and other airborne contaminants indoor can easily let your household members fall sick. So, getting rid of indoor air pollution is also one of the most useful tips to disinfect your house after you have been sick.

To make your indoor environment free from pollutants naturally, allow the fresh air to pass through your entire living space. There are many different ways to increase ventilation in your home. Once you have opened the windows, turn on the ceiling and exhaust fans around the house. It will provide an additional boost to the natural airflow.

Also, don’t forget to spray different parts of your living space with a disinfecting spray. It will effectively work to kill any remaining germs and other airborne infectants lingering in the environment.

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