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Within Pakistan’s landscape there is the flat fertile Indus plain in east, nurtured by the Indus, the country’s longest river and a key water resource. Pakistan’s north is mountainous. The nation’s highest mountains are in the Himalayas in north east. Pakistan’s largest and least populated province is Balochistan situated on the Balochistan Plateau in the south and west.

Whenever we think of Pakistan, all that comes to our mind is terrorism, extremism, sectarianism, corruption, load shedding and inflation but despite all these issues, we immensely love our country. Amidst all the chaos we have forgotten the beauty of our landscape.

Pakistan is full of breathtaking locations which will make you fall in love with this country all over again. If you are a tourist or love travelling then you must compile a list of places you plan to visit next year.

Here are Top rated destinations from our list which you must visit in 2021. Your experience would be, indeed, unforgettable:

1. Naltar valley

Naltar is famous for its colourful lakes, it is situated at a drive of 2.5 hours from Gilgit. World’s tastiest potatoes are cultivated here. Covered with pine trees, this valley doesn’t seem to be a part of this world.

If you really want to experience paradise in this world, you should visit Naltar at least once. This place will make you fall in love with it.

2. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Opposite to the Keran sector of Indian-held Kashmir. From the Chella Bandi Bridge – just north of Azaad Kashmir’s capital Muzaffarabad – to Tau Butt, a valley stretches out for 240 kilometres; it is known as the Neelum Valley (literally, the Blue Gem Valley).

Neelum is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azaad Kashmir, and it hosts several brooks, freshwater streams, forests, lush green mountains, and a river. Here, you see cataracts falling down the mountains; their milky-white waters flowing over the roads and splashing against the rocks, before commingling with the muddy waters of River Neelum.

3. Shangrila resort, Skardu

In the extreme north of Pakistan, Skardu the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, is an epitome of beauty, serenity and wilderness.

After Jaglot on the Karakoram Highway, a narrow road turns towards Skardu. During the seven-hour journey, one is greeted with several streams, springs, and the hospitality of the local people.

After crossing the old wooden bridge built over the River Indus, one reaches Shangrila, a paradise on earth for tourists. It is a famous tourist spot in Skardu, which is about 25 minutes away by drive. Restaurant in Shangrila rest house is highlight of this place, which is built in the structure of an aircraft.

4. Gojal Valley

The Gojal Valley borders China and Afghanistan, with its border meeting the Chinese border at Khunjerab — 15,397 feet above sea level — and remains covered with snow all year long.

In the north west, there is Chiporsun, whose border touches the Wakhan region of Afghanistan. Wakhan is about six square miles in area, after which starts Tajikistan. The Karakoram Highway which connects Pakistan to China also passes through Gojal Valley and enters China at Khunjerab.

5. Deosai Plains

Deosai is located on the boundary of Karakoram and the western Himalayas, and at no point it is less than 4000 meters above sea level. It remains covered with snow for 8 months. The rest of the year, it hosts a range of beautiful flowers of all hues and colours, but not a single tree is found in this plateau spread over 3000 sq. km.

Sheosar lake is also part of this. This lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. The deep blue water, with snow-covered mountains in backdrop, and greenery with wild flowers in foreground offer such a view in summers, that one is left amused for the rest of his life.

6. Rama Meadow

Just a little ahead of Rama Village, which is 11 kilometres from Astore, is a beautiful and serene plain called Rama Meadow.

If you ever happen to find yourself in plain, ice-cold and milk-white water flowing in streams, sheep and cows grazing in peace, pine trees, Chongra’s ice-covered peak in background, and Nanga Parbat’s southern ridge is in view, then you are probably in Rama Meadow.

7. Paye

Shogran had seen an influx of tourists, who trampled over its beauty, leaving it jaded. Siri Paye, nonetheless, still retains its strong attraction for tourists as a green plateau on top of the Hindu Kush. Engulfed in clouds and fog more often than not, it entices many as a rendezvous which allows one to observe Nature play peek-a-boo.

Here, you see numerous small ponds filled with freshwater, meet horse-riders wandering about, and smell wild yellow flowers blooming everywhere. With the Makra Peak set as a backdrop, the beauty of the Siri Paye meadows comes to life.

8-White Palace Swat

White Palace Marghazar is the only breathtaking location in the Swat district that’s situated at a distance of around 12 km from the city of Mingora. Not only do tourists visit Marghazar for its natural beauty and pleasant weather but also to visit the historic White Palace (1941), built during the era of Swat state.

After the White Palace was constructed on the directives of the founder of modern Swat state, Miangul Abdul Wadood also known as Badshah Sahab, Marghazar became the capital of Swat state during summer season. Even today, after seven decades, White Palace remains an attraction for tourists.

The Palace doesn’t just look beautiful in summer; even during winter it remains enchanting especially after snowfall. Also read: Swat’s White Palace: Cut from the same stone as the Taj Mahal


Kalam—a true gem of nature with spectacular views of pristine waterfalls and lush greenery—will soon reclaim its status as one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan after the completion of Bahrain-Kalam Road.

The valley, coupled with a rich cultural legacy, is surrounded by tall mountains, as far as the eye can see. The views from Kalam are majestic, quite literally, as it is situated at an altitude of about 6,600 feet.

The rocky tracks are perfect for hiking or trekking and serve as the perfect backdrop for Instagram and Snapchat images. Whether you’re a travel blogger or someone who is tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, Kalam Valley has something for everyone.

Granted, construction work on Bahrain-Kalam Road has become a source of inconvenience for travellers and it takes quite a lot of time—and patience—to get to Kalam Valley. But it’s all worth the wait and effort.


Located near Naran, at the northern end of Kaghan Valley, Saif-ul-Maluk Lake is spread over 2.5 square kilometres with an altitude of more than 10,000 feet. It is one of the highest and the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan, with a depth of about 50 feet below the surface. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the melting glaciers from these peaks continue to feed the lake, which is the source of the Kunhar River. You can reach the lake via a jeep ride from Naran Valley in about 30 minutes.

If you talk to the locals during your visit, they’ll tell you the tale of Saif-ul-Maluk, in which the Prince of Persia fell in love with a fairy princess at this very lake. Locals also entertain guests with the legend that fairies come to the lake on moonlit nights. Daytime activities at the lake include taking a boat ride on the still and chilly waters or having a snowball fight, while you can also camp under the stars near the edge of the lake.

11-Hunza Valley

Nestled between mighty snow-covered mountains and home to sprawling green meadows, enchanting blue rivers and enormous glaciers, the picturesque Hunza Valley has always been considered one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan. Owing to its scenic views, hospitable citizens and peaceful environment, this breathtaking valley in Gilgit Baltistan has captured the attention of both domestic and international travellers, some of whom even dubbed it as the ‘Switzerland of Asia.’ Although the title is apt for this veritable piece of heaven on earth, Hunza Valley has also been awarded another title: the first plastic-free district of Pakistan.

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