Real estate investment in Dubai for foreigners


Many people are looking for opportunities to invest in Dubai, especially in the real estate sector, and what is most sought after is real estate investment in Dubai for foreigners, but if the investor is residing in the country or abroad, the problem may be different, so he must follow certain conditions and may find it difficult in that.

Management and leasing of real estate To this end, we mention some real estate investment proposals for foreigners in Dubai, as well as some matters that must be taken into consideration when considering them.

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Real estate investment in Dubai for foreigners

There are many reasons why people want to buy real estate in Dubai, especially the flexible payment plan that banks or mortgage companies offer to buyers.

The UAE was listed as one of the safest countries in the world in 2020 in investment.

This makes it an incentive measure that requires foreigners to purchase real estate in Dubai.

Because owning real estate in Dubai and the surrounding areas has many different benefits.

Especially after the enactment of the Dubai Law on Foreign Ownership, real estate in the UAE in addition to permanent residency and long-term residency laws.

In addition to many other amenities and incentives that the state provides to foreigners.

It also defines freehold areas in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

Real estate investment advice in Dubai for foreigners

A number of things must be taken into account for foreigners who want to invest in real estate in Dubai, which we show you in detail through the experts of Adam Properties Foundation for Real Estate Consulting.

The location of the property

The first rule we provide for foreigners to invest in Dubai is that these properties have a high rate of return on investment.

That is, in addition to the nearby services and entertainment facilities, choose the best real estate investment in Dubai that helps increase the rate of return on investment. A good place.

Or attached to the property, including educational institutions, parks, commercial centers, health centers, and others.

For example, the most advantageous geographical location in Dubai is its proximity to offices, attractions and commercial centers.

Including the Dubai Marina, which hosts freehold properties in Dubai.

This is an excellent opportunity to consider buying property for foreigners in Dubai.

Adam Properties explains to its clients several areas in Dubai that are considered one of the distinct areas for real estate investment in Dubai for foreigners.

Best real estate agent in Dubai

Next on Dubai’s list of investment advice for foreigners is dealing with the right real estate agent.

Who will advise and provide you with notifications on market trends, the best areas of real estate investment and real estate listings in Dubai.

The agent can shorten the search time for the right attribute.

Adam Properties for Real Estate Consulting is considered the best real estate agent in Dubai, as it has the great experiences gained over years of serious work in Dubai.

Property management companies

In the context of continuing to provide advice to foreigners in the field of real estate investment in Dubai.

Adam Properties, For Real Estate Consulting, we discussed the importance of using the services of real estate and real estate management companies because they play an effective role in real estate management.

By foreign investors who cannot personally manage and supervise them, and services provided to investors in terms of legal requirements.

The property management company is also responsible for maintaining the investor’s assets and appropriate lifestyles.

These services also reduce maintenance costs for clients, thanks to discounts that customers obtain through cooperation with local maintenance companies, and the role of rent collection.

And for resolving rental disputes, such as refund rent checks, non-monthly installments, etc.

Real estate investment in Dubai

There are many legal aspects related to the terms of real estate investment for foreigners in Dubai.

Which foreign investors must deal with, especially if the purpose of the investment is to lease back.

Like Ejari, a government-run program designed to regulate all rentals in Dubai.

As per the Dubai Tenancy Law, all rental contracts in Dubai must be registered online through the Ejari portal.

The purpose is to ensure that all private rental contracts in the UAE are based on a government approved form that is legally binding.

And very professionally, the real estate companies use a full understanding of all Ejari procedures, as these procedures can make it easier for foreign investors to complete certain legal procedures.

The best real estate investment in Dubai for foreigners

The importance of obtaining financial reports makes cooperation between foreign investors and property management companies more transparent.

So it is wise to choose a company with a proven track record so that foreign clients can understand all developments.

The most important thing is to ensure that the list provides the listed services with timely data.

Including clarification of expenses; Monthly income of private property, and also includes financial records and maintenance lists of any items that have been replaced.

To ensure this, investors can learn and review the methods these companies use to process payments from tenants and how to reallocate funds to them.

In the real estate sector, allowing foreigners to freely own real estate has led to an influx of foreign capital into Dubai and an increase in residents’ savings to purchase real estate.

The steady growth of construction activities and real estate has allowed the creation of industries related to construction, such as the manufacture of building materials.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are working hard to increase the attractiveness of foreign investment as the federal government announced at the end of 2018 a new law allowing investors and all their family members to live for 10 years.

The real estate sector will benefit from these laws that will stimulate property ownership in Dubai.

Real estate investment funds are a new investment tool that can enhance individual investment in the real estate sector and help them diversify their portfolios.

Real estate investment funds in the UAE support the demand for real estate because they buy different properties and then rent them out or benefit from higher prices.

These funds provide investors with returns in the form of dividends.

The buyer can ask the seller or developer to accompany him to the land office, or authorize him to inquire about the property to ensure that the sold property belongs to the seller and that there is no mortgage, seizure, or any other obstacles.

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